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May 7, 2013

SMI Dashboard

SubmitMyInvention Dashboard

Dropped a nifty dashboard project a little bit back, for SubmitMyInvention.

SMI is a submission management tool / web app, targeting companies who do the whole open innovation thing. It’s a cool product, but was lacking on the logged in, data visualization side. And there was data son, just waiting to brush its shoulder off and get to visualizin’, all sexy like.

For those realtime charts, I used the robust, and easily made responsive (sorry Google Charts API), Highcharts JS – a great interactive charts javascript library.

Matter fact, I first tried Google Charts, and it was doing it’s thing right out the box, no question. But despite my better, hair pulling efforts, I could not force those badboys into any kind of resize. And while mobile was not a priority for SMI (for various reasons that I suppose are valid), small tablet to large desktop was.

SubmitMyInvention Dashboard

Of course, there’s Jquery Flot, and no doubt it’s super solid and widely used. But chart flexibility calls for some size growing codeFu that I just wasn’t up to.

Granted Highchart’s default UI is a little less than stylish, but no worries – it’s super customizable and very well documented. With tons of chart types, and the whole free, open source thing, I’ll be rocking the library steady moving forward.

Big ups to my homie Matt Federovich for the backend delivery of that data… and all the other semi magical, backend stuff.

I set up a demo for promotion, so go check it for yourself:

SubmitMyInvention Dashboard→

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