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September 9, 2013

Five Fresh Free Fonts


My last post discussed using Base64 data-uri as a failsafe approach to @font-face delivery. So, figured we’d share a few snazzy free fonts that we’re loving at the moment.



Lovelo is a geometric sans-serif created by Renzler Design from Vienna Austria. Original developed for the bike manufacturer Velo Arch, FontFabric reworked the font into a family of three – Lovelo Black, Lovelo Inline Light and Lovelo Inline Bold. We love the font due to it’s similarities to Futura, with circular O’s and pointed A’s, V’s, W’s, M’s and N’s. Plus the inline versions looks great as subheading parings. Matter fact, in a few days, we’ll be dropping a new web project that uses Lovelo for H1’s and Lovelo Inline Light for H2’s. As a web font, Lovelo holds it down big time, staying crisp and tight across all browsers.


Download Lovelo from FontFabric


Code Pro

Code Pro is another sans-serif with Futura sensibilities, plus hints of Avant Garde. Gotta love them circular O’s. Created by the man behind FontFabric, Bulgarian designer Svetoslav Simov, Code is clean and modern font, great for headlines. The free edition ships with a bold and light version that compliment each other brilliantly.


Download Code Pro from FontFabric



Aleo typeface was created by Alessio Laiso out of Rome, Italy. The font was designed to be the slab serif companion to Lato, another swell free font by Polish designer Łukasz Dziedzic. The family is comprised of 6 styles – light, regular and bold weights with corresponding true italics. Aleo is a great, contemporary font with a wide range of potential usage.


Download Aleo from FontFabric



Intro is another tight font from the good folks at FontFabric. And, as you may have noticed, we’re rocking Intro and Intro Inline across our site for the Headers. The letters are based on simple geometric forms of triangles, circles and squares, and while it also possesses Futura-like styles (notice a trend here – we love Futura), it’s distinguished by the A’s, V’s, W’s, M’s, and N’s holding their sharp edges in boldened form. Plus, it just seems a tad more playful in general. As a webfont, Intro is rock steady – lookin’ and smellin’ good across the board.

While the entire type system includes 26 unique styles and weights, you can grab Intro and Intro Inline for free.


Download Intro from FontFabric



Sometimes, you need a nice tall, skinny & sexy font for headlines or sub headlines or whatnots. No doubt, Mojave fits the bill.
Created by Indonesian designer, Gumpita Rahayu, Mojave is all caps fonts with four different weights, inspired by the Mojave Desert.


Download Mojave
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