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October 11, 2013

New Project: Attack Pattern

Attack Pattern new site by SoSweet! Creative

AttackPattern is a tight knit team of app developers, hailing from the ranks of Netflix and Microsoft. Super smart guys building super smart stuff. While initially focusing on WIN8, they figured it was time to add iOS and Droid to their repertoire and jump off with some of that colla poppin’ online swagger.

Industry High Fives

Two weeks post launch and the site is doing its thing across the interwebs. So far, we’ve snagged an Honorable Mention on the Awwwards (fingers crossed for SOTD), a Site of The Day on CSS Design Awards and CSS Light, and a bunch of features on the other usual suspects – Creattica, CSS Awards, CSS Winner, etc. A big thanks to all – we’re truly honored.

SoSweet Creative's Attack Pattern on the Awwwards
SoSweet Creative's Attack Pattern Site of the Day on CSSDA

Digital Craftsmanship

Project requirements included a custom WordPress build and admin, evolved portfolio pages to highlight work, and a killer company blog to drop all that open source wisdom. A handmade joint across the board, a ton of heart went into every last detail on both the front and back ends.

On the Wp side, we built up a the admin to serve as a branded CMS, using custom fields and post types to enable intuitive and code free management. We even made a little plugin to tailor admin UI towards its purpose and just keep everything looking purdy.

On the front-end side, and overarching theme of NASA’s Apollo era is represented via custom iconography, full wrapper heros, a variety of animations and scroll triggered events, sexy page transitions, some nice mobile layouts, and a bunch of other flat UI goodies.

Our New Folio Styles

In the past, here’s where I would elaborate on the project’s design and technical specs. However, beginning with Attack Pattern, I decided to adopted a more long-form, storytelling style with our folio items. From the initial brief, to wireframes, to working build, so much love and obsession goes into each project that a few screenshots always seemed insufficient.

So for the full digital story, check out Attack Pattern in our portfolio→

Visit Attack Patten→

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