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November 20, 2013

High Fives Update: AttackPattern

SoSweet Creative's Attack Pattern Website of the Day on CSS Design Awards

The CSS Design Awards just sent me a nice little certificate for our Attack Pattern project grabbing Website of the Day. Thanks guys. I appreciate the nod.

More than that, I appreciate all the work css gals (like CSSDA) do to highlight all the awesome stuff getting pushed out. These sites serve as a record for changing trends in the web game and how the craft is evolving at breakneck speeds. Plus, they create an international community where someone like myself in the States can check out amazing work from people all over the world. Very cool indeed.

AttackPattern on Zurb's Responsive Gallery

We Up on Zurb… Again!

Also, Attack Pattern snagged a feature on Zurb’s Responsive Gallery. Which, as a Zurb super fan, is pretty cool schtuff. Matter fact, this is our second Zurb appearance, as SoSweet v2.0 also pulled a feature some time back. A big thanks to the Zurb folks too!

Stephen Scaff of SoSweet! Creative on Zurb
Dorktastic! I said that.

PS – go check out AttackPattern’s new site, or read the design story in our portfolio.

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