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March 12, 2014

Chicken Dinner: A Jquery Plugin to Randomly Reload Images

ChickenDinner js a image randomizer jquery plugin by Stephen Scaff

Ever want to present your visitors with a fresh experience each time they hit up your site? Well my friends, I just cooked up some Chicken Dinner, so go on and getcha self a plate.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

ChickenDinner.js is a stupid little Jquery plugin that enables you to reload random images from a client-side array via an img tag or CSS background-image.

Basically, I wanted to randomize the banner of a recent project, The MaisonMix, and figured someone somewhere might like to do something similar, so here we are. No big deal.

Lookie Lookie

You can learn more about ChickenDinner and see it in action Right Here

Of course, it’s also on GitHub

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