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Stephen Scaff is a front-end designer & developer that builds snazzy stuff for the web as SoSweet! Creative.

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We All Up on Zurb!

A little bit ago, SoSweet!’s site redesign ended up on Zurb’s Responsive Gallery! Gotta say, I’m pleased as punch. Major love for Zurb, and especially Foundation….

Posted on March 29, 2013

Point Park Poster Two

As mentioned in my previous post, we volunteered our design services to help promote Graduate Student Association events at Point Park University. Last week, this entailed…

Posted on February 24, 2013

Point Park U Poster One

Liggie runs the Fb & Twitter accounts for Point Park University’s School of Comm, in addition to being a Graduate Student Association board member. So, we…

Posted on February 23, 2013

SoSweet-v2.0 – on the Awwwards

Adios SoSweet v1… What’s up SoSweet v2? Well, our new site is up and running! And it’s been nominated on the Awwwards, so we’d love your…

Posted on February 22, 2013

Global Pet Expo

We recently dropped another Inventor Trade Shows landing page – this time for the Global Pet Expo. All of the Inventor Trade Shows pages provide a…

Posted on February 19, 2013

Ligaya Scaff’s CV Site

Infographic resumes can be pretty freakin’ sweet, not to mention a whole mess of fun to make. Do a related search on Pinterest, and you won’t…

Posted on February 14, 2013


Our latest web project for Mogreet, Inc. is out the door! Built atop a customized framework combining Zurb’s Foundation and Twitter’s Bootstrap, this responsive gem is…

Posted on October 15, 2012

MacGuru Consulting

For a recent web project of ours, MacGuru Consulting, I decided to give Twitter’s Bootstrap framework a spin (in the WordPress environment). Dev went super smooth,…

Posted on August 17, 2012

Paris in Super 8

Paris looks great in Super 8! We’re really into the the nostalgic look of grainy, textural film. Can’t get enough of it. So, on our recent…

Posted on August 7, 2012

EcoSphere Tech Infographic

Here’s another Annual Report style infographic we cooked up for EcoSphere Technologies, highlighting the Company’s breakneck growth over the last year. EcoSphere is Company dedicated to…

Posted on June 15, 2012

We All Up in Inspired Mag!

Oh Snap Jack! Our recent web project,, is featured in Inspired Magazine today! The post is 20 Stunning Websites Using Bright Colors, and SoBuzzMe is listed…

Posted on April 9, 2012

iFix n’ More – Responsive eComm

Our first ecommerce site! And it’s Responsive! Holy Smokes ya’ll. iFix n’ More came to us for a site to help launch their start-up iPhone repair…

Posted on March 28, 2012

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