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A New Type of Consultancy

Gryphon Groupe is a new type of consultancy for the financial services industry, merging finance, tech and design with Voltronian awesomeness. At the head is Norbie Schickel, a super smart guy who left his cush finance gig to strike out and build something new. Without question, his Company is on the path to do some pretty big timey stuff.

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Something Simple,
But Something Unique

Pushing ideas is tricky. How do you use design to translate loftier concepts in a meaningful and recognizable way? For a business like the Gryphon Groupe, it was clear that site should have more minimal and sophisticated leanings. With a strong focus on typography and super concise copy, the Company’s story is told section by section. Big background images follow you throughout the site, enhanced by a touch of parallax to keep things interesting. Animated elements are encountered as you go, and soft page transitions add to the overall UX.

Gryphon Groupe About Page Gryphon Groupe Canvas Animation on About Page Gryphon Groupe Home page on Mobile Gryphon Groupe Canvas Animation on Mobile

A Fluid Grid

This site is built on a mobile-first, proportional fluid grid – a holistic approach to RWD that creates a very meaningful relationship between grid system and typography. Essentially, you set all sizings to percentages and ems, then define a modular scale for the typography. Now everything can be globally controlled by applying a % font-size to the body, beginning with 100% on mobile and increasing as you move up. When I finally wrapped my head around this concept, it was a game changer. For the end user, it means a great experience across all devices and resolutions.

Gryphon Groupe Responsive Mobile Layouts

Thought Leadership

A new Company, with new ideas, Norbie wanted way to establish the Gyphon Groupe’s voice. While a traditional blog seemed a tad week, we decided to create a Thoughts section styled in a manner to better handle long form entires. A clean single column handles the articles, with a simple full width grid on the index. Inside, I customized the WordPress admin to make content creation as painless and fast as possible.

alt= Gryphon Groupe Blog Page on Mobile Gryphon Groupe Author Page on Mobile Gryphon Groupe Blog Page on Tablet

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