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Rebuilding a Brand

MatchProduct is a marketplace that connects inventors with finished products to companies looking for that next big hit. First launched in 2006, the site was in bad need of some front-end love. The main challenge – what to do with all those preexisting listings. We couldn’t very well go back and ask thousands of users to resubmit images to better fit a larger, modern design. So, we had to make the best of a less than ideal situation.

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Products Views

Product views are the site’s meat and potatoes so they had to be fresh form mobile to desktop. A tight flexible grid handles the category and search return pages, with a nice and big side by side deal for single view.

MatchProduct's product grid page MatchProduct's product grid on mobile MatchProduct's product grid on tablet MatchProduct's single product page

Forms and Icons

To construct identifiable and consistent UI, special emphasis was placed on the custom iconography and form elements. Shooting for a playful vibe unique to the MatchProduct story, the flat and line style icons adhere to a tri color palette. While iconography is the easy starting point for UI design, oft ignored form styles also present a huge opportunity for well defined branding and enhanced user engagement. For MP, inputs, selects and submits also follow flat UI patterns with soft grays, solid lines and snazzy containers.

MatchProduct's why list page on laptop MatchProduct's form elements on tablet and mobile MatchProduct's custom iconography

Responsive Admins

MatchProduct is responsive inside and out. This includes the admin side where peeps can list and manage their products and account. The admin was kept as simple and minimal as possible, with internal navigation accessed via a single drop down rockin’ some nifty line icons.

MatchProduct's admin screen on laptop MatchProduct's admin forms

The Landing Page Game

Once upon a time, I thought paid search was for suckers. I never click those ads, nor does anyone I know. Someone is though, and by someone I of course mean millions. But can effective landing pages go beyond the spammy-as-all-get-out norms? For MatchProduct I did my best to design something that looks good and still converts. We shall see… Peep a Landing Page

Regardless, ya gotta have a carrot. Something to get those little mice clicking. Fo MP, it’s a library and inventor resource center. Essentially, a one stop shop to promote the core biz, while helping future clients get their own ideas to a list ready stage.

MatchProduct's landing page MatchProduct's landing page on mobile MatchProduct's library page on mobile MatchProduct's library page

Check out Match Product Live and in Effect.

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